12 runs for Christmas: #2

Christmas running in Wanaka, New Zealand

Well if you live in Wanaka, New Zealand and you have not walked up Mt Iron yet you better have a good reason for it. This would have to be one of Wanaka's most popular walks/runs. I would hope that all my members have this track somewhere in there training program (weekly). I couldn't even guess how many times I've been over it. 

This is a very family friendly track. You can go either way around it and start from several locations. It's only about a 45min walk to the top and a really good hill to train on. Running Mt Iron will take between 10-20 min to summit, so once is sometimes just not enough. Once again the 360 degree view from the top is impressive especially early morning as the sun hits the alps with spectacular colour on a perfect day. So go get your running shoes on and I will see you out there. Oh and one more thing. This is also a great track for dogs so get them into it too, but for gods sake pick up there s*!t... DOC even supply bags for you at the start of the track.