12 runs for Christmas: #3 Sawyer Burn Hut

Christmas running in Wanaka, New Zealand

The Sawyer Burn track starts from the Kidds Bush campsite on the shores of Lake Hawea, New Zealand.

This is only a 3km run to the Hut although don't be fooled. this track starts off with a steep climb to the top of the bushline. Allow about 2 hours return if running to the hut or about 5 hours return if walking.

Once you break through the bushline you are greeted with outstanding views of Lake Hawea. From here the track sidles the hillside to the hut at mostly the same height.

If camping at Kidds Bush it is a great way to have a break from the sandflies at lake level....Take plenty of water, There is a few creeks along the way if needed. On the day of these photos we needed it!

For more up to date info and weather conditions on this track head into the DOC office in Wanaka.