12 runs for Christmas: #9 & #10 Hawea River track/ upper Clutha river track.

Christmas running in Wanaka, New Zealand

Both of these tracks start from Albert Town, New Zealand. The Hawea track starts at the Albert Town recreation reserve. Crosses the Hawea river via a swing bridge then the track follows the river to Hawea township. It is an easy 12km run to Hawea and is also a great for mountain biking. This is a very safe family friendly track, you can even take a pram. You will only need a little help up and down the stairs at the swing bridge.

The Upper Clutha track heads in a different direction to the Hawea track. This track follows the Clutha track to the Luggate bridge which is around 16km. Another great local run with awesome views of the Clutha river. Just like the Hawea track it is very family friendly. If on a mountain bike, maybe try coming back on the other side on the Newcastle track.