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CrossFit Wanaka is a Wanaka Gym that gets results

Looking For A New Way To Get Fit, Look Good, And Feel Great?


Do you find the gym boring?

Do endless treadmill and sit up workouts make you want to quit?

Tired of the soulless, cold environment of gyms?

Get away from the selfie crowd and treadmill hamsters! 
Try CrossFit!

Learn to love exercise again in a friendly environment. Our Gym in Wanaka welcomes beginners and experienced athletes.

Why CrossFit?

• It's a lot of fun.

• You don't have to worry about poseurs. There are no mirrors in CrossFit gyms.

• You will meet interesting people that care about fitness, mobility, and health.

• CrossFit will take your fitness to a completely different level than a regular gym.

• Contrary to popular belief, short intense workouts have been shown to benefit older populations. 

• The motto "constantly varied" is how CrossFit classes work. Every class is different. You won't be bored.

• CrossFit will teach you new skills and motivate you to keep learning.

• Teamwork is encouraged and you'll love the friendly gym atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. 

• CrossFit is not scary. You don't have to be a super athlete. Everyone, no matter what your ability, can do CrossFit.

• Every class is instructor-led so you'll never have to guess how to perform a movement or exercise. 

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CrossFit is the fastest growing sport in the world.

Why? Because it borrows elements from weight training, competitive sports, cardio classes, gymnastics, and yoga. 


Looking for a Gym that inspires, gets results, and challenges you physically and mentally?

CrossFit Wanaka's gym classes are instructor-led, fun, and suitable for all abilities. 

Want to try CrossFit? Get in touch or pop down before a class to take a look around and chat with us.

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